8: People who have been doing this for a bit longer, but not nearly as well

December 16, 2008

God, I fucking hate people who have been doing this for a bit longer, but not nearly as well.

Like this guy. This site was pointed out to me about a month ago by a friend of mine across the country, who Googled the phrase “GodIhatepeople” and came up with two sites: that Neanderthal’s, and mine.

Granted, his was started first, so the title is his. But if you look closely you’ll note that I added “fucking” to the main header. And that’s all you need to know about that. Besides, it’s too late to change the name now. Sue me.

Also, in his “About Me” page, he says that “I am not writing this for you. I don’t give a shit about you (read above). I’m writing this for me. I get a kick out of putting my thoughts down in type, and reading them later.”

Yes. I don’t want you to read my thoughts, so instead of writing them down in a notebook or on a disk or a hard drive (he said his hard drive “crashed” and he didn’t have any backups) I guess I’ll just PUT THEM ON A WEBSITE WHICH IS ACCESSIBLE TO PRETTY MUCH THE ENTIRE FUCKING PLANET. Jesus. I’m sure there’s some way to set who couldn’t see your work. Namely, everyfuckingbody but yourself, you egomaniacal shitshark.

But he’s attained not one but two flat screens (37 and 50-inch) “on a whim” without the benefits of a college education, which means he’s either A) a bookie, B) a drug dealer, or C) a telemarketer. So he’s got that going for him, which is nice.

Finally we come to this site, which was just pointed out to yours truly in the comments of the previous post. I won’t say much here because, for the most part, they attack the same people that I hate and they’re a tad more prolific than I. But, in my defense, I do it with proper punctuation and hard-core doses of pure, simmering vitriol, which explode in cascades of creative cursing and inventive ways to off somebody. So I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.