4: The people who booed Barack Obama at John McCain’s concession speech

November 5, 2008

God, I fucking hate the people who booed Barack Obama at John McCain’s concession speech.

Look, the man himself is telling you to shut the fuck up. So you know what you should do? SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP.

You lost. Big-time. Suck it up, climb into your SUV, and get over it.

Obama is not a terrorist. He’s not a Muslim (although it shouldn’t matter if he was). He’s not a gutter-cleaning monkey. He’s a smart, charismatic, intelligent man. So is McCain (minus the charismatic part). Obama will not sell this country to infidels, or rob the insanely rich to give to the insanely poor. He won’t pull every soldier out of every conflict and put them on the Canadian border. He won’t buy up all the bad mortgages and give them to his cousin.

He ran an historic, monumental, brilliant campaign. To wit: Obama’s campaign was like a dinner of perfectly cut medium-rare porterhouse, garlic mashed potatoes, grilled asparagus, and a tall glass of lager. McCain’s was like a half-chewed Big Mac, those thin, pointy fries that are ice cold, and a Diet Coke consisting mostly of backwash. Basically, no comparison.

So stop booing. McCain’s right arm is cocked at a 70-degree angle, and it’s waving at you to stop. You should listen to it. Lord knows what it’s capable of.