2: People who use initialisms and acronyms like LOL in everyday speech

October 17, 2008

God, I fucking hate people who use initialisms and acronyms like LOL in everyday speech.

The widespread use of text messages and instant messaging has dumbed-down an already dumbed-down society. As if people needed a reason not to use proper grammar and punctuation, we get text messages with “ur” instead of “you are” or “you’re.” Or words without the vowels, like “smthng” for “something.” Look, I’ve done this in text messages – there’s limited space, and it’s a quick form of communication. And, obviously, the rise of instant messaging gave us the deplorable LOL and ROFL and IMHO.


When these things limit themselves to written means, it’s annoying, but somewhat understandable. There’s a (somewhat) finite amount of space. Maybe even time.

But when you’re talking? That is just lazy, stupid, and pathetic.

I was walking to the subway after work when I heard the lady behind me say to someone on the phone, “Ok, so I’ll TTYL you.”

At first I was mad because she actually told somebody that she’d “TTYL.” Then I thought about it, and the redundant “you” at the end just pissed me off even more. This was an upscale-looking, intelligent-looking, well-dressed woman. And she’s saying shit like that?

What the fuck has happened to us? Maybe we should do hands across the world and hug a big atomic bomb.