12: People who shop for groceries at pharmacies

God, I fucking hate people who shop for groceries at pharmacies.

Yes, I realize Walgreens has a special on Pop-Tarts and Ramen. Got the coupon? Great.

You know who else has specials on food through a special discounted credited piece of paper? Fucking supermarkets. Do you know why they’re called groceries? Because you buy them at a fucking GROCERY store.

The worst is when you slip in because you want to buy some cold medicine, or toothpaste, or shampoo, or batteries, or cigarettes … you know, things normally purchased at a PHARMACY.

Then you get in that behemoth of a line behind some insipid 62-year-old woman who hasn’t left her apartment in weeks, and just now decided to venture out to Duane Reade to stock up on 23 cans of Metamucil.

So you wait in this DMV-like Hell because there’s only one cashier since two of them decided to take a smoke break or go talk with LaShanda working the camera kiosk. And when the fossil in front of you finally gets to the register, she whips out the aforementioned coupons … which the cashier doesn’t know how to process.


If you shop for groceries at pharmacies you’re either lazy, cheap, or old. Either way I wish they still sold hairspray in aerosol cans, because I’d grab one and use a Bic lighter from the counter to burn you alive.


One Response to 12: People who shop for groceries at pharmacies

  1. jerff says:

    I was just coming in here to buy some Magnum-sized dick covers and you gotta get milk for your cats? NO, FUCK THAT.

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