4: The people who booed Barack Obama at John McCain’s concession speech

God, I fucking hate the people who booed Barack Obama at John McCain’s concession speech.

Look, the man himself is telling you to shut the fuck up. So you know what you should do? SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP.

You lost. Big-time. Suck it up, climb into your SUV, and get over it.

Obama is not a terrorist. He’s not a Muslim (although it shouldn’t matter if he was). He’s not a gutter-cleaning monkey. He’s a smart, charismatic, intelligent man. So is McCain (minus the charismatic part). Obama will not sell this country to infidels, or rob the insanely rich to give to the insanely poor. He won’t pull every soldier out of every conflict and put them on the Canadian border. He won’t buy up all the bad mortgages and give them to his cousin.

He ran an historic, monumental, brilliant campaign. To wit: Obama’s campaign was like a dinner of perfectly cut medium-rare porterhouse, garlic mashed potatoes, grilled asparagus, and a tall glass of lager. McCain’s was like a half-chewed Big Mac, those thin, pointy fries that are ice cold, and a Diet Coke consisting mostly of backwash. Basically, no comparison.

So stop booing. McCain’s right arm is cocked at a 70-degree angle, and it’s waving at you to stop. You should listen to it. Lord knows what it’s capable of.


9 Responses to 4: The people who booed Barack Obama at John McCain’s concession speech

  1. Kellie says:

    God, I fucking hate it when American’s use “an” in front of a word starting with the letter “h”. We’re a country who pronounces the “h” and therefore using “an historic” blah blah blah pisses me off. This isn’t England, chief.

  2. Kellie says:

    Correction, *Americans* I am hyped on orange Bottle Caps and typing extremely fast.

  3. Satan says:

    Fuck O’Bunga! He’s a facist piece of shit! And if YOU can’t see that than your a huge retarded inbred douchebag!

  4. Jessi says:

    I love this post, and I love you, sir.

  5. fdsfds says:

    Was this like from 2010? Yeah, its 2014 now, you see why everyone was booing now? Yup thought so.

  6. ozombo says:

    i was with you until you started preaching obama zombie fuck head lick his ass shit. he is, was, will always be a douche nozzle

  7. Jenni says:

    I fucking hate these ass monger commentators that act like they could have done a better job with the steaming pile of shit old Dubbya left for us all to nosh on. Personally I don’t affiliate politically bc it’s a) fucking stupid to cling to a particular set of beliefs in ever-changing times b) you’re a moron if you think that either party isn’t working for “the man” (singular, yeah I have every reason to believe “the man” is one douchey, farty old dude smoking a cigar made of the souls of aborted fetuses ) and c) as a Groucho Marxist, I wouldn’t belong to any club that would have me as a member. Really assholes, if you think for one second you could have navigated the fucking bank bailout, housing market meltdown, 3 simultaneous wars, and insert other shitty shit that’s happened in the last 6 years, than you’re a smarter shit than I am… Or you’re just lying to yourself, and that makes you an asshole.

  8. Jerry d says:

    Fuck you libtard

  9. SamuelJ says:

    Your a stupid fucking idiot.

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